Beckenham Communicators

Helping You to Become a Better Communicator

Beckenham Communicators gives supportive environment within which speakers can improve their skills. Our club caters for all levels of ability. Whether you’re delivering your first speech or are a seasoned speaker, we can help you grow your confidence and reach the next level in your public speaking journey.

Learn The Skills You Need to Succeed
Members learn communication skills by progressing through a speech manual that contains a series of 10 self-paced speaking assignments designed to instil a basic foundation in public speaking.

Our members learn skills related to use of humour, gestures, eye contact, speech organisation and overall delivery.

In our learn-by-doing approach, we don’t lecture our members about public speaking skills. We give them the tools and techniques necessary to speak with professionalism and confidence.
Lose the Fear
Surveys often show how people are more nervous of public speaking than they are of death. Joining Beckenham Communicatord is your first step in overcoming that fear. You can be sure that you are embarking on a program that has been used successfully by millions of people across the world.
A Program That Works
Beckenham Communicators provides a proven and enjoyable way to practice communication and leadership skills. As each meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop, there is no instructor. Instead members practice their speaking skills in a friendly and very supportive environment.